Guide to Transportation & Siting

Guide to Transportation & Siting

Our huge range of both new and used static caravans can be delivered for free (when purchase price is over £5000) within 100 miles of our showground where the caravan is located!

This doesn’t mean if you are located further than 100 miles from our showground we can’t deliver to you… because we can, and do!

Many of our customers know and trust the name Caravantastic across the whole of the UK. This means that we sell a large proportion of our static home further than 100 miles from our showgrounds. This includes some international deliveries to Spain, Poland and France.

We are pleased to use a trusted network of very experienced static caravan transporters.

Preparing your static caravan for delivery

Before your chosen static caravan or lodge leaves the showground it will undergo a series of checks and tests by our maintenance team to ensure its working as expected and safe for transportation.

Our maintenance team will test the connections here for gas and water, ensuring they are working and fully functional before leaving the showground so you can be re-assured when your unit arrives that it will work as expected. We recommend you connect your gas is connected with the help of a certified gas engineer as this is not something we can certify or guarantee ourselves.

Our team will ensure all moving parts are secured prior to transport to prevent any damage in transport. This includes glass shelving, doors, fridge units and more.

Will my static caravan fit?

Have you seen a lodge or caravan, but are unsure if it will fit on your pitch? Our team of caravan experts can carry out a ‘site assessment’ for you. This includes a visit to the site where you would like to unit to be. Along the way, they will assess the accessibility and clearence for the unit’s journey from the showground to your location thereby ensuring the unit will fit along roads, around bends, through gateways etc before you purchase the unit.

With our static homes often being delivered using rigid trucks, whether your static caravan will clear potential obstacles such as bushes, walls and gates is also something to consider and will be checked by our team. Other transportation techniques and low loaders can be used if height restrictions come into play.

To arrange a ‘site assessment’ please call our team today.

Siting your static caravan

Once your static caravan has been delivered, the next phase is ‘siting’. If we have delivered your unit to a holiday park then it may be that the holiday parks siting team are required to site, plumb and level your new unit. It might be worth checking this with the holiday park before delivery.

Otherwise, our team can also provide a siting service, quotes are provided for each purchase. Our delivery team will ensure your unit arrives safely and is placed on the concrete base or location you may have. The siting element will then ensure your unit is level (reducing the risk of sticking doors, surfaces that aren’t level, and even chassis bends).  This is an important element to be completed by experts. Siting quotations are provided separately to delivery and purchase price. Please ask for more information.

Need more information? Our team are experts in everything static caravan and lodge related. Call them today or email us here.

Undecided on which caravan or lodge you need? Explore our new & used static caravans here or new and used lodges here.

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