Planning Permission for Static Caravans on Private Land…. Do I need it?



Please note that the following is meant as a guide and not a definitive document on which to make your decisions.  As always,  check with your local planning operator for confirmation. Read on to the end of this article to find out how.

Do I need planning permission for a static caravan?

As Caravans (tourers, statics, or lodges) are classed as movable structures built for human habitation, in many cases people find they do not need planning permission.

Example: Is Planning Permission Needed For My Self-Build / Renovation Project Static Caravan?

Using a static caravan as on-site accommodation during a self-build or home renovation project that renders your existing house uninhabitable is now a very popular option. In this case, you do not need planning consent to temporarily live in a caravan or mobile home on site. You will, of course, need planning permission for the new build or renovation itself. Please read the details in the point below ref using showering, cooking facilities in an outbuilding or the main house.

Do I need planning permission for a static caravan on my own land / in my own garden?

It is highly likely that you would not need panning permission of your static caravan is parked in your residential drive or sited in your garden (but not a separated paddock) and it is used by occupants who continue to use the facilities of the main house provided they are:

  • Members of your household
  • Close family
  • Other short term non-paying guests

In other words, as long as the static caravan remains moveable i.e., not plumbed-in for water and drainage, and not used as the primary/only place for your showering and cooking facilities, planning permission probably wouldn’t be required.  For example, if a static caravan was on your own land / on the drive / in the garden while house renovation was under way and living in the house wasn’t safe, or practically possible due to the building work, but the house’s showering and cooking facilities were still usable, or these facilities were housed in another outbuilding and were usable there, it is unlikely that planning permission would be required.

Would I need planning permission for using a static caravan as an annexe in the garden?

Having a static caravan in the garden that is movable at any time (and with less substantial foundations) can mean that it complies with the Caravan Sites Act which can be much more straight forward than a full planning permission application.

Do I need planning permission for a static caravan on agricultural land?

Static caravans are often purchased for use on agricultural land. Uses include:

– On-site (temporary) accommodation for agricultural workers e.g., fruit/vegetable pickers.

– On-site (temporary) accommodation for farm workers and forestry workers.

– On-site (temporary) accommodation for sheep shearers, who may need accommodation for temporary periods as they travel around.

Agricultural land in this case, means land from which you gain your main income from agriculture. If the land is at least 5 acres, it can be used as a place to site static caravans providing that, in the past 12 months, there has been no caravans on that land for more than 28 days, and there have been no more than 3 caravans at any one time.  For agricultural and forestry workers, for example, agricultural land can be used as a place to site caravans as accommodation for those employed in the farming work provided the work is seasonal and not an activity which occurs at regular intervals throughout the year.  Please note: the caravan(s) must be moved at the end of the season and, if the caravan is to be maintained on land permanently,  planning permission will then be required.

Where you will need planning permission for a static caravan:

However, you will need planning permission for your static caravan if you:

  • Want to use it as a primary residence
  • Hire it out to others as paid-for accommodation (either long-term or as a holiday let)
  • Or use it for other business uses.

It is always worth remembering should you need planning permission for these situations, it is entirely possible to obtain it, and in most cases, people get planning permission for this.

If you are still unsure you should always get advice as to your specific situation.


If you have some general questions about static caravans and our knowledge and experience of what planning may be needed please drop us an email here or give us a quick call on.

Planning permission consultants ref static caravans

As another option to help you further, we have teamed up with Planix. They are an excellent team of planning permission consultants who can give you the best advice, specifically tailored to your situation. They will provide you with a free initial consultation which will hopefully put your mind at ease and if you do happen to need planning consent, they can help you get it. For more information go to

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  1. Kelly Russell


    Good evening
    We are looking to live in a caravan permanently on our small parcel of land.
    We are intending to have two caravans and build a middle section connecting both, fully insulatiting the outside areas and making the exterior look as one home.
    Do you think we may experience planning permission issues with this?
    Kind regards

    1. David (Post author)


      Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Our advice would be to speak to your local planning committee regarding this.

      Planix might also be able to give some guidance

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