Five Tips For Buying a Static Caravan Off-Site In Cornwall

Five Tips For Buying a Static Caravan Off-Site In Cornwall

Cornwall is a holiday area with an abundance of static caravans and lodges.  Many of these, however, are sited on parks. Many people, however, need to buy a static caravan ‘off-site’ in Cornwall i.e., not on a park, from a caravan retailer.  Reasons for wanting to buy an off-site static could be as accommodation during a self-build/building project, to put on private land for a family member, as accommodation for agricultural workers, as temporary accommodation after fire/flood, or to bring onto a pitch on a park (if this is within the park’s rules). 

Advantages of Buying and Off Site Static Caravan for Delivery To Cornwall

Customers in Cornwall buy new or used static caravans for a number of purposes, and static caravans have a number of great advantages including:

Static caravans already have all the comforts of home included and fitted such a kitchens, showers, water, electrics, heating, double glazing, so they’re ready to set up and start using as soon as they’re delivered to Cornwall.

They can be a really cost-effective option for temporary flexible accommodation and pack in a lot features for the money.

There’s a great deal of choice e.g., different lengths such as 28×10, 35×12 or bigger, 2 or 3 bedrooms, different layouts, different makes and models. Something to suit all tastes and needs.

Off site static caravans can be easily transported by lorry and sited almost anywhere. We often deliver to customers in Cornwall.

Off site static caravans are a great choice for e.g., self-build / home renovation project accommodation, and provide a comfortable home for all the family, close to the renovation work, while the work is under way.

They last as long time, require little maintenance, can be sold and easily moved when no longer needed, and can cost less than other less flexible options.

Here are Caravantastic’s 5 top tips for buying a static caravan off-site in Cornwall

  1. Choose The Right Size Static Caravan

Off site static caravans are generally 10 ft or 12 ft wide and can range from less than 25 ft up to 40 ft long. Getting the right size of static caravan requires careful measuring and estimating of the following:

The width of any pinch points in the delivery of the static i.e., the width of the narrowest road leading to the delivery address (plus any overhanging trees), the width of the gate, and the exact size of the pitch/spot where you want to put the caravan. Since the static caravan or lodge will be delivered on the back of a rigid lorry, be aware of any tight turns and or high walls (on narrow access roads) on the way.

There are many narrow roads in Cornwall and make sure that you explore any potential delivery issues with the salesman before buying the caravan.

  1. Consider All The Costs of buying an Off-Site Static Caravan

In addition to the sale price of the static caravan itself, find out if there are extra costs for delivery. Delivery may be included for caravans over a certain purchase price within a certain distance.  If your static caravan is going to a park, ask about the annual site fees/pitch fees, the price of utilities and gas, the price of insurance, and any other costs including the arrangements for valuing, selling and commission if you needed to sell the caravan for whatever reason. If the caravan is going to private land, consider the cost of a gas safe engineer checking and commissioning the caravan, the cost of preparing a hard standing, the cost of setting up the arrangements for connecting the waste pipe, the water, and getting electricity to the caravan and getting gas delivered and hooked up.

  1. Check The Caravan Park Rules and Regulations

If you are thinking of buying a static caravan off site to bring onto a park you will first need to choose a park and then ask if the rules allow a static caravan to be purchased somewhere else and brought on.  If it can, ask if there is an additional fee on top of the caravan purchase price and ask what the procedure is for choosing the caravan e.g., the park owner may want to see the caravan first.

  1. View The Caravan In-Person Before Purchasing

It is essential to physically go and view the static caravan that you wish to purchase rather than simply relying on photos and assurances. Buying from a reputable caravan dealer in or near Cornwall should mean that they have a showground where you can visit and view the caravan.  This way you can be sure of its condition, agree on any small fixes + discuss all aspects of the purchase face to face. Be sure to take any other decision-makers for the purchase with you when you view the static caravan e.g., wife/husband/partner/children if they are going to be using the caravan.  Internet research of which off site static caravan business can offer you the best choice and service is a good idea before calling and arranging any appointments.

  1. Allow Adequate Time

If you are visiting an off site static caravan dealer/sales showground in or near Cornwall, make sure you make an appointment to arrive at a time that allows you to take plenty of time in choosing and where there’s plenty of daylight left, as many of the caravans may not be hooked up to electric while on the showground.  You will want to make sure the static caravan is in good condition, write down and ask any questions and points that you would like to clarify, make sure that you are happy with the company you’re buying from, and that you choose the caravan that most closely matches your needs and budget.

For more information about buying a static caravan off site in or near Cornwall call 01278 780565.

Buy An Off Site Static Caravan From Caravantastic – Get It Delivered To Cornwall

If looking for an off site static caravan for sale in Cornwall, it’s only a relatively short drive one of the Caravantastic showgrounds in Devon and Somerset, where there is a huge selection of new and used off site static caravans for sale, and already in stock. We often deliver to customers in Cornwall, and we offer free delivery within 150 miles for static caravans with a purchase price of £6,000 and over (terms and conditions apply).

Off Site Static Caravans in Cornwall

Cornwall is an area with several reputable options for buying an off site static caravan or lodge. Holidays and/or ideal places for holiday caravans and holiday homes, for example, can be found from Saltash, Looe, Polperro, Fowey, Mevagissey, Falmouth, St Mawes, as well as St Ives, Penzance, Perranporth, Newquay, Padstow, right across the beautiful countryside around Redruth, Truro, Camborne, St Austell, Bodmin, Liskeard, Launceston, and all across one of the UK’s most beautiful counties, with many places for an off-site static caravan.

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