“I Want To Sell My Static Caravan”

“I Want To Sell My Static Caravan”

Static caravans often have more than one owner during their long lifetimes and whether you currently own one on a park, own one as former self-build accommodation, or for any other reason, you may be at the stage where you are now thinking I need to sell my static caravan.

Selling A Static Caravan

If you are selling a static caravan, you are likely to be in the position of many other owners. For example:

You may have a static caravan on a caravan park that you need to sell due to your changing circumstances, it’s the end of the licence period, there are new rules at or changes at the park, or for other reasons.

Your first port of call must be the park owner to clarify how it can be sold and who to.  For example, the park may make an offer to buy it, the park may offer to sell it on your behalf for a percentage, or you be able to sell the caravan to a caravan dealer. Please note, there may a charge by the park to move the caravan from its pitch e.g. to the car park area from where it can be removed by the transport company acting on behalf of the static caravan buyer, so you should check this and factor it into your sale plans.

We buy static caravans from caravan parks and from owners on caravan parks who have agreed on this as an option with the park owner. The process is easy and fast.  To get a price ASAP for your static caravan, please complete this form, or call us on 01278 780565.

You have a self-build accommodation static caravan that needs to be sold as the build is now completed.

No problem. We buy and sell static caravans for self-build regularly and we offer Buy-Back on many units.  To get a price ASAP for your static caravan, please complete this form, or call us on 01278 780565.

You have a static caravan to sell for other reasons e.g., it was used as accommodation for workers, or as temporary accommodation on your private land.  To get a price ASAP for your static caravan, please complete this short form, or call us on 01278 780565.

Who Buys Static Caravans?

There is a number of ways to sell your static caravan to a number of potential buyers.  These include:

On popular, online, buy and sell platforms.

This can, of course, work and be effective to sell to a range of private buyers but for some, this could be a slow process, frustrating, time-consuming, expensive, and could potentially attract all manner of time-wasting, haggling, and other complications. This will also require you to make your own transport arrangements which could be costly and could have pitfalls at the other end.

On local advertising websites or in the local paper.

Again, this could work but you would need to factor in how many people would be serious potential buyers in your area at that time, arrange and pay for the transportation, and risk the possibility of a buyer finding fault with the unit, fault the sale, or other frustrating and potentially expensive reasons. Like selling a static caravan online, this can also be a frustrating, time-consuming, and costly process.

Via social media platforms, either through adverts or through friends.

As above, plus, you may also receive a large number of messages which may not be relevant or contribute to the viewing of the selling of the unit.

Contacting an established static caravan dealer with a good reputation.

We buy and sell new and used static caravans and lodges all the time. If you are at the point where you are saying “I want to sell my static caravan fast”, we are experienced and ready now to consider the purchase of your unit. What’s more, if the static caravan or lodge you are selling is a make/model with features and quality we require and you need to sell your static caravan off-site as soon as possible, give us a try. It’s a very simple and fair process.

Get a price ASAP for your static caravan by completing this buy my static caravan form, or by calling us on 01278 780565. **Don’t forget to email photos of the caravan to us, either via the form below or to info@caravantastic.com.**

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