Off Site Static Caravans – What You Need To Know

Off Site Static Caravans – What You Need To Know

‘Off-site static caravans’ is a term often used on caravan sales websites and simply means that the static caravan is not on a pitch e.g., not sitting on a pitch at caravan park with the renting pitch as part of the deal. An off-site static caravan simply means that just the caravan is for sale, and it is the buyer’s responsibility to rent/ find/construct/ a pitch for the unit to be set-up on before arranging for purchase and delivery. Off-site static caravans are delivered by lorry/truck to the delivery address agreed with the buyer (you).

Moving and Siting an Off Site Static Caravan

Off-site static caravans are moved from the seller to the buyer using specialist caravan delivery companies. These companies have the right equipment, training, knowledge, and authorisation from the police to move caravans on UK roads at agreed times. Static caravan delivery companies also tend to have busy schedules so buying an off-site static caravan will mean allowing a little time between purchase and delivery. We can organise this aspect of your purchase as part of the sales process.

Important Points To Considers Before Buying an Off-Site Static Caravan

We have a large selection of new and used static caravans and new and used lodges for sale off site now at our show grounds in Highbridge, Somerset, Taunton, Somerset, and Exeter, Devon. To help you choose the right caravan for, here are some important points to consider:

  • Measuring the pitch and being aware of how much space a lorry with a caravan on the back will have to manoeuvre. Remember that off site static caravans are usually 10 or 12 ft wide and although they are wider than the truck they arrive on, they are also sitting approximately 4 to 5 ft from the ground on the back. This means that you will need to:
  • Measure the length and width of the site of the pitch for your caravan.
  • Be aware (and perhaps measure if necessary) of the width of any gateways, driveways, tight turnings (for a long truck + load) and possible pinch-points on the approach to the delivery site. You can discuss these details with our sales staff, and we will help you with these issues.
  • Is special permission required e.g., from a park owner? If choosing an off-site static caravan to go on a park, the park owner will need to be consulted first because e.g., they may not allow off site used static caravans to be brought on by third parties, may have preferred suppliers, may have restrictions on the age of the caravan, and/or other reasons.

A Big Selection of Off-Site Static Caravans in Devon and Somerset

We have a large selection of off-site used and new static caravans at our show grounds in Highbridge and Exeter. You can browse the selection on our website, visit our showgrounds or contact us to discuss any questions you may have about choosing the right static caravan for you.

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