New Static Caravans For Sale

New Static Caravans For Sale

Caravantastic not only buys and sells used statics and lodges, but also offers new static caravans for sale at their show grounds in both Highbridge, Somerset, and Exeter, Devon.

The Benefits of Owning a New Static Caravan

The benefits of choosing a new static caravan over a used static caravan include:

– Being able to enjoy the very models and the very latest features. These can include new design themes for the interiors, extremely comfortable sofas and attractive soft furnishings, brand new energy efficient kitchen appliances, new upvc windows and doors, the latest central heating systems, exteriors made from the latest weather resistant materials, and superb insulation.

– Choice. Although we stock a wide selection of static caravan makes and models, our links with manufacturers and experience as caravan dealers over many years means that we can offer customers the chance to select the make/model/spec of new statics for sale that most closely meet their requirements e.g., layout, bedrooms and more. For those looking to bring a new static caravan onto a park (where the park owner has agreed to this), a new static caravan is likely to give the most favourable license term/duration. Park owners can also enjoy the choice and quality of service offered by Caravantastic if they need to purchase a new unit of a specific spec, and within a given budget and time frame.

– Peace of mind. Knowing that everything about the static caravan is brand new can allay any fears of the need for maintenance, worries about reliability of safety e.g., the boiler, or unknown issues or anomalies that some buyers feel they can be certainly to avoid by opting for new static caravans rather than old ones.

– The experience and satisfaction of knowing that you are the first occupant of the new static caravan, and the brand-new smell and feel of the caravan is likely to make you feel very satisfied with your purchase.

New Statics For Sale and Used Statics and Lodges

Caravantastic is pleased to be able to offer quality, high spec, new static caravans for sale, and also new lodges. Whereas new statics e.g., 28×10 ft 2-bedroom versions typically offer a double and trin bedroom, kitchen (along the door-side wall), and bathroom with shower, larger sizes and, of course lodges offer more bedrooms, bigger storage areas and even extra utility areas and sometimes full-size baths!

If you have a great pitch for your new static caravan e.g., overlooking a scenic area it is likely that you’ll want to complete the luxury experience of having a brand new static for all the family to enjoy by adding decking to provide an extra area of leisure space to enjoy evening, sunsets, and the natural surroundings.

If you have any questions about buying a new static caravan please contact us.

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