How Much Is A Static Caravan?

How Much Is A Static Caravan?

As you might expect there is no one simple answer to the question “how much is a static caravan?” but the price does depend on several factors including whether it is new or used, the make/model, the age, the dimensions, the condition, the transport/delivery price and more.

Static Caravan Prices – Influencing Factors

Here are some of the main factors than can influence the price of a static caravan:

New or Used Static Caravan Price?

New static caravans are, of course likley to have a higher price than a used static caravans of the same size and similar spec. For example, whereas many used off site static caravans of standard sizes (28×10 or 35×12) tend to be within the £2,000 to £25,000 price bracket, most new off-site static caravans are likely to be priced at £20,000 and above.

Also, models at the upper end of a manufacturer’s range (as with cars) are likley to have a higher price because they have more features and a higher spec.

Static Caravan Sizes / Static Caravan Dimensions

Static caravan sizes / static caravan dimensions also affect pricing. For example, for units of the same/similar age and condition, much more space inside e.g., 37×12 may mean a higher price. However, 28×10 static caravans are often in high demand to go on caravan parks and this can put upward pressure on the price

Condition of the Caravan

It makes sense that a static caravan that has been well-looked after, is clean and in good order is likley to have this reflected in the pricing.

Static Caravan Maintenance

Similarly, if a used static caravan has been significantly altered e.g., walls removed, fixed items removed, this can put downward pressure on the price. Also, if a used static caravan needs costly repairs in order to sell it from our show ground this is likely to increase the purchase price e.g., work on the central heating system or electrics, replacing upholstery, carpets and furniture, or replacements doors or windows/double glazed units.

Price Quote – Selling Your Static Caravan?

We are often contacted by customers trying to arrive at a price or get a price quote for the static caravan they are selling. Many of these customers have tried searching for a static caravan market value calculator and are looking for the resale value of static caravans. Often, the best option is to send us details of the caravan (make, model, age, size, bedrooms, and location) and email us some current photos. This will help us to arrive at a price to offer for your static caravan. Click here if you are selling a static caravan.

Static Caravan Features

If a static caravan has double glazing and central heating (with a combi-boiler instated of a simple water heater) this is likely to increase the purchase price.

Static Caravan Transport Prices

The distance to the delivery address from the show ground, the number of units to be transported e.g., a double unit lodge will require 2 lorries, and the size of the caravan to be transported also affect the price of an off-site static caravan or lodge.

So, How Much Is A Static Caravan?

In addition to the factors above, other factors that can make this is tricky question to give a standard answer for include the popularity of and scarcity in the market at that time of a certain make/model, challenges in supply chains (as happened during the pandemic), or whether a unit has a ‘special offer’ price. You can see the price of all our static caravans and lodges here on our stock pages.

For more information about the prices of caravans we have for sale or if you are selling a caravan and would like a quote, please contact us.

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