Farm Worker Static Caravans

Farm Worker Static Caravans

Static caravans make ideal accommodation for farm workers/agricultural workers such as fruit and vegetable pickers, sheep shearers, and other on-site farm workers and farm hands. Here we take a look at the subject of farm worker static caravans, and we answer the question “what are the benefits of housing farm workers in static caravans?”

Static caravans are portable.

They are delivered to and removed by lorry to the place they are needed. This means that they make great temporary accommodation i.e., no need for costly and time-consuming building work or complicated planning issues. Having them right on-site where they are needed also saves any worker transport issues and costs. Caravantastic delivers nationwide.

Static caravans are self-contained with all facilities built-in and provide a modular solution.

With electric, gas, plumbing, bathroom with shower and home comforts already in, it is just a case of connecting them and commissioning them on arrival, and they can be arranged/placed in whatever site(s) suit the available space and the work. No need to construct / hire shower blocks or portable toilets. Farm workers/agricultural workers can move straight-in and live in relative comfort, very close to where they are needed.

Farm Worker Static Caravans

They are built for multiple occupancy, with 2- or 3-bedroom models available.

This makes them a compact, cost-efficient, and practical way to house multiple farm workers comfortably. Farm workers may also live in groups that they prefer e.g., groups of friends, close co-workers, members of the same sex together, which can suit both the workers and farm bosses.

Different sizes are available.

Different sizes for farm worker static caravans mean that they offer huge flexibility in terms of where they can be sited (individual or multiple units), in planning, and budgeting, and farm workers can feel as though they have enough space to live comfortably.

Heating is easier and more cost effective.

Heating is easier and more cost effective in a relatively small, insulated units such as a static caravan, particularly if they have double glazing. This makes them relatively cheap to heat and fast to heat up. This benefits both the farm workers and the farm during the colder months.

Static caravans have a re-sale value.

Their re-sale value means that they aren’t a sunk cost and can be sold back to us, perhaps as part of a ‘buy back’ scheme (if agreed at purchase and depending on buy back conditions) or sold privately. This makes static caravans an even more cost-efficient choice than alternatives such as hiring or building other accommodation.

Little or no maintenance is required.

Static caravans are generally built very well, can last a long time, are more robust than you may think, and can withstand the possible wear and tear of a lot of regular use. Where maintenance may be required e.g., plumbing, this help is easily available locally. Caravantastic can often help to source parts and help give advice about any repairs should the need arise.

Static caravans are easy to keep clean.

Being one-storey, relatively small spaces (10 or 12 ft wide and 28 to 38 ft long) they are easy to keep clean which is an important feature for farm workers who may work in muddy conditions.

Other external features can be added.

Other removable, temporary features can easily and cheaply be added to / built-on to the outside if needed e.g., a porch for boots etc (although many caravans already have areas for this), adding a plastic box for tools outside etc.

Upgrading is easy.

Individual units can be upgraded / changed easily to suit the needs of the farm and of farm workers, an reflect labour requirements.

You can buy single or multiple units from Caravantastic

Single or multiple (often the same make and model) units can be purchased in one go. Caravantastic typically has around 150 units in stock and often several of the same make/model. This can make choosing multiple units easier.

FREE delivery is available.

FREE delivery is available. For example, if the delivery address for the caravan(s) that you select is within 150 miles of our showground, and if the caravan purchase price is £6,000 plus, delivery is FREE.

Call Caravantastic for advice.

Help and advice is always at hand. Caravantastic is an experienced static caravan dealer and in addition to giving you the best possible service when purchasing static caravans for your farm workers we are always here to offer advice and help going forward.

If you need to find excellent quality, practical static caravans at the right price, quickly and of the right size/in the right quantity as accommodation for:

Farm workers/agricultural workers – fruit and vegetable pickers – sheep shearers – other on-site farm workers and farm hands – fisheries / fish farms – fishing lakes – hatcheries – shooting estates / shooting centres – stables / equestrian centres – kennels – animal rescue centres and more,

Contact Caravantastic on 01278 780565.

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