How Mobile Homes Make Ideal Temporary Accommodation For Farm Workers

How Mobile Homes Make Ideal Temporary Accommodation For Farm Workers

Off-site static caravan mobile homes have a wide range of uses, not just for leisure, one of which is to provide cost effective and flexible accommodation for farm workers / agricultural workers. Pickers, shearers, farm hands and other often temporary staff are often needed on different types of farms and horticultural businesses and it’s also important that they are housed nearby. 

Caravan Accommodation For Agricultural Workers 

Finding scalable, cost effective, and often temporary / seasonal accommodation for groups of farm workers in the countryside is a challenge. Buying off site mobile home site static caravans has proven to be an effective way to meet this challenge. Here are some the main reasons why mobile homes make ideal temporary accommodation for farm workers: 

  • Fast and easy to set up. Getting planning permission and building accommodation for farm workers is likely to be a very difficult, costly, and time-consuming process. Mobile homes / off site static caravans are essentially pre-built, self-contained, modular accommodation units with everything already installed – plumbing, electricity, heating, and all the home comforts. Once purchased they can be very quickly transported, set up and commissioned where they are needed.  
  • Scalability. More static caravans can be purchased as/when they’re needed so as the workforce grows, it’s fast and easy to provide more caravan accommodation. Also, when it’s time to replace individual mobile home static caravans, this is very easy to do, and the caravan company will take away the old one. 
  • Practical and Comfortable. Static caravan mobile homes have all the features needed to make them comfortable and practical for the needs of farm workers. These features include kitchens, bathrooms (with showers), most with 2 or 3 bedrooms, storage (wardrobes), a spacious living room, electric heating or gas central heating, insulation, and double glazing in many units. 
  • Suitable for multiple occupancy. With 1,2, or 3 bedrooms, enough space inside, and some with separate bathrooms/shower rooms and toilets, mobile homes are well suited to multiple occupancy. 
  • Cost-effective. Mobile home off-site static caravan prices can begin at as little as £2500 so they can be a very cost-effective farm worker accommodation solution. Static caravans also have a re-sale value and for static caravans over £6000 that are only needed for shorter periods, a buy back makes them even more affordable. 
  • Flexibility. Off-site mobile home static caravans can be delivered anywhere (conditions allowing) nationwide, on the back of a lorry, right to where they are needed and can be arranged there as required. Many different sizes are available – 10ft, or 12 ft wide, 23 ft to 40 ft long, 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms, and layouts vary.  All these factors make them a highly flexible choice that allow the available pitch space to be maximised. 

Caravantastic – Static Caravan Mobile Homes For Farm Workers 

Being one of the south-west’s largest second-hand caravan traders we are able to supply any number from one static caravan for a farm labourer or stable hand to ten static caravans for student fruit pickers or migrant workers if required. 

 We regularly deliver static caravans to farms in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Gloucester, Somerset & Wiltshire in order to accommodate long and short-term workers. 

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