Caravantastic Also Has Lodges For Sale Off Site 

Caravantastic Also Has Lodges For Sale Off Site 

We have many enquiries from people looking for mobile lodges for sale off site and as well as static caravans, we stock a selection of static lodges for sale off site. 

Mobile Lodges For Sale Off Site At Caravantastic 

Today’s caravan park holiday accommodation options often include lodges or, as they are sometimes known, twin units. 

Single and twin unit lodges are available. Twin units are so-called because they are built to be split longways into two halves for delivery purposes. 

We buy and sell new and used static lodges, which are also sometimes referred to a mobile lodges or static lodges for sale off site because they are similar to static caravans and are manufactured by static caravan manufacturers. 

These lodges are either purchased from holiday parks, owners on parks, manufacturers (as new lodges), or from others privately selling off site lodges. 

mobile lodges for sale off site

Features Of Static Lodges 

Mobile lodges or static lodges for sale off site have several features that make them attractive as leisure accommodation. 

For example, central heating, double glazing, front opening doors, pan-tile roofs, bathrooms with showers and baths, 2 or 3 bedrooms, and open-plan living room, dining, and kitchen spaces. 

New static lodges are also equipped with the latest kitchens and appliances. 

Sizes Of Lodges 

Mobile lodges are available on a variety of sizes. For example, sizes for the off-site lodges for sale vary from 12ft/13ft wide single unit lodges (36/38/40 ft long) to mostly 20ft wide twin unit lodges from 32 to 40 ft long. 

Lodges From Trusted Manufacturers

Caravantastic stocks lodges made by the most popular, trusted manufacturers including Brentmere, Cosalt, Delta, Normandy, Omar, Stately-Albion, Victory, Wessex, and Willerby. 

static lodges for sale off site

The Benefits of Mobile Lodges  

As company with decades of experience in buying and offering static lodges for sale off site, we know that the benefits of buying a lodge are: 

– A feeling of space and a connection with the outdoors. The high ceilings, large floor space, open-plan layout, front opening/sliding doors all give a feeling that you have the space to relax and for a family to share without feeling boxed-in. 

– All the comforts of home. Modern mobile lodges for sale off site have all the fixtures, fitting, and appliances that you find in brick-and-mortar home. 

– The flexibility to site the lodge (provided the pitch is level) in the optimum spot for views and convenience. 

– Speed of assembly. Considering static lodges are designed to be split in two and then re-assembled on site means that it can be done relatively quickly. Consider, for example, how time-consuming, costly, and complicated it would be to construct a building from scratch with similar features. 

– Choice. There are many different sizes and layouts of lodges from many different manufacturers, both new and used lodges. 

– A substantial and yet mobile structure. Lodges feel very solid, and strong, and last a very long time. 

– A valuable asset that can be re-sold. If / when you no longer need your lodge, and, as long as it’s in good condition, it can be sold for a reasonable return. 

– Ease of removal. If / when you no longer need / want your lodge, it is a mobile structure that can be split in half again and transported away by lorry. 

Compatibility with enhancements. Once sited, for example, lodges can have decking added, and some owners even add hot tubs to the decked areas. 

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