Selling Your Static Caravan Or Lodge Off Site – Your Guide 

Selling Your Static Caravan Or Lodge Off Site – Your Guide 

If you have a static caravan for sale off site, or a lodge for sale off site, here’s our guide to getting it sold in a way that minimises hassle and costs and gives you a fair price. 

What’s The Difference Between Off-Site and On-Site Static Caravans and Lodges? 

A used static caravan for sale off site refers to one that is not being sold on a park on a pitch, with pitch fees / site fees to pay on top.  

In short, it is just the static caravan itself that is for sale and, once sold, must be delivered on the back of a lorry to the delivery address given by the buyer. 

This may be a farm e.g., a caravan for farm workers to stay in, a building / home renovation / self-build project for the family to stay in while the project is under way, to another holiday park, or to private land for another reason. 

Selling Your Static Caravan Off Site

Selling Your Off-Site Static Caravan or Lodge – Options 

If you have a static caravan or lodge to sell off site, typically, some of your options may be: 

  • Selling it using a recognised online sales platform e.g., Gumtree, AutoTrader, Preloved, eBay or similar. 
  • Using online adverts, either free or paid for on different websites and social media platforms. These could include Facebook Marketplace, Facebook adverts and Google AdWords adverts, FreeAds, or similar.  
  • If you are an owner on a holiday park and have a static caravan that you want to / need to sell and have the permission of the park owner to sell it off site, you may use a combination of the two points mentioned above. 
  • Print advertising locally or nationally. 

Why Selling Your Static Caravan or Lodge May Be Complicated And Costly Using The Above Methods 

Some of the challenges that sellers can encounter while trying sell a static caravan themselves to the public using the methods mentioned above include: 

  • It can be a slow process and can be costly if using paid ads / paying for a listing on a website. 
  • It can be stressful and time-consuming, particularly if you need to sell a caravan that is currently on a park and enquiries are few and far between. 
  • Some enquirers may be ‘time wasters’ which can be very frustrating. 
  • The seller will also need to organise and pay for delivery of the static caravan. 
  • The buyer may give the wrong information about the delivery address / access to the delivery meaning that it may not be possible to deliver the caravan to the agreed address. This could mean extra costs and hassle. 
  • Even if the caravan is delivered successfully, the buyer may have complaints about the caravan e.g., problems with the boiler, broken items, or other reasons that could lead to disputes and arguments. 
Selling Your Static Caravan To A Dealer

Selling Your Static Caravan To A Trusted, Established Static Caravan Dealer 

Many sellers prefer to simply contact and sell their static caravan or lodge to a trusted, established static caravan dealer, such as Caravantastic, for the following reasons: 

  • It can save time and save the hassles and stress of waiting, having to deal with time wasters, having to create, post, and fund more online adverts.  
  • The caravan dealer will pick the caravan up – the seller doesn’t have to arrange it. 
  • The caravan dealer will essentially do all the work. All the seller has to do is to provide some information about and some photos of the caravan and arrange for the buyer to view the static caravan or lodge. 

Buy My Static Caravan or Lodge 

If you have a static caravan or lodge that you would like to sell to Caravantastic it is a straightforward process. Simply visit our Sell Your Caravan page, complete the simple form and follow the instructions. 

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