5 Finders Tips For Used Static Caravans 

5 Finders Tips For Used Static Caravans 

If you’ve been searching for ‘static caravans for sale near me’ but haven’t had much luck, here are five tips to help you find pre-owned static caravans for sale that best match your needs. 

1. Make sure you’re clear on the basic practicalities of delivery. It’s pointless searching for pre-owned static caravans for sale that are too wide to fit down the lane/road approaching your property, through the gateway e.g., where there’s a wall and 10ft wide gap, or onto the required pitch. Getting clear measurements of the pitch and possible pinch-points is an important way to begin your search. Knowing these details can also mean that you can confidently make a quick decision should you spot the static caravan you’ve been looking for. 

2. Be prepared to travel. Physically travelling to view second hand static caravans for sale near you as soon as you are able is a good tactic to help you include or eliminate a possible choice from your search. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions, and if the static caravan is just what you’re looking for, you can make sure you buy it before anyone else does. Established static caravan sales companies, such as Caravantastic, already offer nationwide delivery, and free delivery within 200 miles. This is another reason why it’s worth travelling to view a caravan in the show ground. Travelling an hour or more may be worth it to avoid the potentially costly problems of buying the wrong static caravan. 

Pre-owned static caravans for sale

3. Allow some time in your plans for delivery. Wherever you’re searching for ‘static caravans for sale near me’, and whoever you buy it from, the static caravan will need to be delivered on the back of a lorry. This will mean that its delivery needs to be fitted in with a delivery schedule, which could mean a wait of a couple of weeks. This is normal. If you factor this into your plans you will not only find the right static caravan, but you won’t be disappointed with timescales. 

4. Go to a trusted, established, new and used static caravan dealer. It’s more economical, saves time, gives you more options, and reduces the risk of being sold the wrong or a faulty static caravan if you visit an established dealer. Visiting a showground where there is plenty of choice, the quality of stock is high, and the purchase and delivery can be handled in a professional way increases your chances of finding the right off site static caravan for you. 

Used static caravans for sale off site near me

5. Avoid simply looking for cheap static caravans. As with other items you purchase, if a static caravan sounds to too cheap in the advert compared to other similar ones you’ve looked at, there may be a good reason for this. Older static caravans in relatively poor condition, or where there are underlying problems tend to be the ones that are super-cheap. It may be a far better plan to look for a pre-owned static caravan at the upper end of your budget and from an established, trusted dealer. This may deliver maximum value and minimise any problems going forward. 

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