Static Caravans For Self Build Projects 

Static Caravans For Self Build Projects 

When carrying out house renovations or a self-build project it can mean the need to live in temporary accommodation until the work is completed. Static caravans for self-build projects are a popular for several good reasons. 

Off site static caravans for self build accommodation – cost effective. 

If a self build or renovation project takes several months or more, options such as hiring a static caravan can be very expensive and can use up too much of the budget. Staying in accommodation away from the house can also be an expensive and less practical option. Buying a used static caravan for a self build project can be much more cost effective. This is because the caravan is an asset that can be sold at the end of the project, whereas hiring/renting one would be a sunk cost. Also, with ‘Buy Back’ (as offered by Caravantastic), you and your family can stay in very comfortable static caravan accommodation during a self build, and sell the caravan directly back to the Caravantastic at the project’s completion, thereby recouping some money. 

self build static caravans home renovation

‘Off site’ static caravans make brilliant on site static caravan accommodation for self builds.  

Purchasing a used static caravan off site means that it can be delivered (build permitting) close to self-build/renovation project. This is practical and makes it much easier to get up in the morning and already be on site. It also means you’re always on-hand to deal with any issues, thereby helping the progress of the project. 

Used off site static caravans for self build projects offer all the home comforts. 

Buying used off site static caravans for self build projects is also popular because these modular units already have all the home comforts built in. For example, static caravans have 2 or 3 bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, a comfortable living room, and many have central heating and double glazing. 

Statics for self builds

Flexibility and choice – used static caravans can delivered almost anywhere. 

Used static caravans for self builds are available in a range of sizes e.g., 28×10 ft, 35×10, 35 to 38×12. They’re also available with 2 or 3 bedrooms and with many different layouts and design themes. This gives buyers choice to pick the static caravan that best suits their needs and budget. 

Used static caravans for self build accommodation can delivered, by lorry, and fitted into pitches of different sizes, close to the build/renovation. This makes them a very flexible option. Just as they are delivered by lorry, they can also quickly and easily be removed by lorry when the project is completed. 

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