Selling Your Static Caravan To A Park?

Selling Your Static Caravan To A Park?

If you’re selling your static caravan and thinking of selling it to park or selling it privately, have you thought about the benefits of selling your static caravan to a static caravan dealer. 

Sell My Static Caravan – Buy My Static Caravan – Where To Go 

You may currently have a static caravan on a holiday park that is either coming to the end of its licence period or needs to be removed or replaced for another reason. You may think that your only option is selling your used static caravan to a park / back to the park and/or your contract with the park may mean that is what you must do. If, however, you are free to sell your static caravan to a third party, selling your static caravan to a leading, trusted static caravan may be a great choice for the following reasons: 

They will pay the market rate. Unfortunately, the price paid for buying an on-pitch static caravan on a park is higher than if you were buying an off-site static caravan. This is because you are essentially paying for the features and facilities of the park and the cost of getting and siting it there, and more. However, a trusted static caravan dealer, such as Caravantastic knows the market price of your caravan as an off-site static caravan for sale. This means that they can offer you a fair deal and pay you quickly. 

Selling Static Caravan

You will sell your caravan quickly. Trying to sell your static caravan privately online or getting involved in negotiations with the park owner over a price for your static caravan can take a long time and involve a good deal of headaches and hassle. For example, selling privately to a private buyer can involve time wasters, having to arrange multiple fruitless viewings, being forced down on the price, having to arrange and pay for your own transport, possible dissatisfaction of the buyer after the sale, and more. Selling your used static caravan to a dealer is a much faster and more straightforward process. In the case of Caravantastic, it’s simply a case of clicking on our ‘Sell Your Caravan’ page and following the simple steps. This involves telling us some details about the static caravan and sending us some recent photos. If it’s a caravan we’re interested in buying, we will contact you, which could lead to us viewing the caravan, and making you an offer. 

Trusted static caravan dealers have experience and a reputation to protect. This means that selling a used static caravan to dealer means that you are likely to receive help, advice, and great service, taking the worry out of the sale. The knowledge, good practice, and fairness that you’ll experience will leave you feeling that you made the right choice. 

Selling Your Used Static Caravan

Static caravan dealers organise the transport and liaise with the park and you to ensure a fast pick-up of the caravan. If you’re thinking ‘I need to sell my static caravan fast, and get it moved quickly’, selling to an established static caravan dealer means that they have strong links with experienced static caravan delivery companies and/or operate their own delivery services.  

All in all, who you sell your used static caravan too can make a big difference in terms of satisfaction, saving time, and avoiding stressful problems and pitfalls. 

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