Static Caravans Or Static Mobile Homes, Or Are They The Same Thing?

Static Caravans Or Static Mobile Homes, Or Are They The Same Thing?

If you’re looking for a used static caravan, there’s a good chance you’ll come across the term ‘static mobile home’. But what’s the difference? And are they really the same thing? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the differences between static caravans and static mobile homes, and help you decide which is right for you.

What are static caravans?

A static caravan is a type of caravan that is not meant to be towed behind a car. Static caravans usually have wheels only to help roll them into place on the pitch, but they sit on four legs, one in each corner, with blocks or wheels in the middle. Static caravans are typically bigger than touring caravans.

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What are mobile homes?

Mobile homes is a term which, rightly or wrongly, can be used to describe several different things, especially online. It can refer to a motorhome, a lodge or park home, or even a static caravan. Sometimes people search for a static mobile home for sale off site when they really mean a static caravan for sale off site. The term ‘off site static caravans‘ or off site static mobile homes means that it is not being sold on a pitch i.e., a pitch on a park is not part of the deals. The purchaser just buys the off site static caravan itself which is then delivered, on the back of a lorry, to the purchaser’s chosen delivery address.

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The advantages of static caravans

The advantages of static caravans, or static mobile homes, depending on which term you use

The terms may be used interchangeably, but an off site static caravan for sale has a number of great advantages as a unit for temporary, holiday, or living accommodation. For example:

1. Static caravans a cost effective option. For example, used static caravans can vary greatly in price, providing great value.

2. Static caravans are much more spacious than other types of caravan. They have enough space for comfortable living e.g., 12 ft wide and 28 to 38 or 40 ft long. They have large, spacious living rooms and 2 or 3 bedrooms.

3. Static caravans can be used as a more permanent home or as a holiday home. Depending on where the static caravan is sited e.g., on a park or your private land, it offers different accommodation solutions.

4. Static caravans are strong, durable, weatherproof, and packed with home comforts.

5. These caravans are generally very easy to maintain.

6. Static caravans are secure e.g., they have window locks and can have modern, secure-locking double-glazed windows and doors.

7. Static caravans can be much more comfortable than other types of caravan, mostly because of the space and features.

8. Many off site static caravans for sale have central heating, making them warm and cosy in winter.

9. Static caravans are made by several different manufacturers. This give someone looking to e.g., buy a used off site static caravan a huge amount of choice.

10. Static caravans have a re-sale value, even after they’ve been owned for many years.

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