10 Reasons Why Used Static Caravans Are Great For Worker Accommodation

10 Reasons Why Used Static Caravans Are Great For Worker Accommodation

If you are looking for a great way to provide accommodation for your workers, then used static caravans might be the perfect option for you! There are many reasons why static caravans make great worker accommodation. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the best reasons why used static caravans make great worker accommodation. If you are considering this option, then be sure to read on!

used static caravans

10 reasons why used static caravans are ideal worker accommodation

  1. They are affordable and cost effective.
  2. Used static caravans are easy to maintain / require minimal maintenance.
  3. They are convenient and easy to set up. A used static caravan can be easily delivered on the back of a lorry and moved to its pitch. Essentially, a static caravan only needs to be hooked up to a water supply, the soil/waste pipe needs to be connected up, and it is connected by a cable to electricity supply. Adding gas bottles to the regulator outside is a relatively easy process too.
  4. Static caravans come in a variety of sizes, makes, and models. They can be spacious enough to accommodate multiple workers e.g., in 3 bedroom used static caravans. This keeps accommodation costs to a minimum and makes best use of pitch space.
  5. They can be used for short or longer term stays. Whenever you need static caravan accommodation for workers, once sited, the static caravan can be used over and over again. The facilities they have mean that static caravans can be used for shorter or longer stays.
  6. Used static caravans are a flexible and easily adaptable for worker accommodation. They can be sited almost anywhere and it’s possible to build temporary additions onto them such as wooden porch areas to leave boots, tools etc.
  7. Used static caravans are secure and safe. They are essentially metal costed boxes with locking doors and windows. Many have really secure double glazed windows and doors.
  8. Static caravans are comfortable and provide a home-like feel. Buying an off site static caravan is a way to supply a fully functional unit with all the electrics, plumbing, and heating that you’d expect in a home plus all the other home comforts already in it. Some have central heating and most have large, comfortable lounges.
  9. Used static caravans can easily be removed when they are no longer needed or wanted, or if an upgrade of static caravan is needed.
  10. Off site static caravans have a re-sale value which means the money you’ve spent of worker accommodation is not completely lost.
off site used static caravans

Buying used off site static caravans is a very practical and cost effective way to house workers in comfort.

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