Free-Standing vs. Fixed Sofas in a Static Caravan

Free-Standing vs. Fixed Sofas in a Static Caravan

One of the consideration when looking at used static caravans for sale is the design and condition of the sofas and chairs. The sofa is one of the largest pieces of furniture in a static caravan (along with the beds) and it needs to be comfortable, practical, and stylish. There are two main types of sofas in new and used static caravans: free-standing and fixed. In this blog post, we’ll compare the two types of sofas to help you decide which one is right for your caravan.

Static Caravans – Comfort

When it comes to comfort, for some buyers, fixed sofas have the edge over free-standing sofas. This may be because Fixed sofas, which usually occupy the full width and round the corners of the front window area of new and used static caravans are usually very spacious and have plenty of cushions. This can make them seem as though they are more comfortable for relaxing and sleeping on. Fixed sofas can also feel as though they have better support, particularly for the back and neck. However, larger and newer static caravans tend to be designed to have free-standing, and very comfortable sofas and armchairs in many different designs. It’s really down to the size and make/model of the static caravan, personal preference, and the overall features, the condition, and the price of the static caravan that can determine whether it looks right for a particular buyer.

Free standing furniture static caravans


From a practical standpoint, free-standing sofas have some advantages over fixed sofas. In a used static caravan for sale off-site, you may notice that free-standing sofas are easier to move around, which can be helpful if you need to reconfigure your caravan layout from time to time. Free-standing sofas can also be used as extra beds for guests (with the addition of some bedding), whereas it’s difficult to do this practically with fixed sofas.

Static Caravan Style

When it comes to style, there is no clear winner between free-standing and fixed sofas. It really depends on your personal taste and the overall style of the static caravan for sale off-site. That said, fixed sofas, coupled with the overall design of larger static caravans for sale can look more integrated and permanent, while free-standing sofas have a more casual look. Some newer designs of larger static caravans, however, have some extremely stylish free-standing sofas and other furniture which can give them a really luxurious look and feel.

static caravans interior

It’s Not All About The Furniture

Choosing new and used static caravans involves important decisions on several different factors, although the look and feel of the living room, and its furniture can be an influential part of those decisions. Looking at the two main types of static caravan living room sofas: free-standing and fixed, they each have their own positives, and a good look around several new and used static caravans for sale off-site can help you to decide which one is right for you.

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