Why a Static Caravan is the Perfect Family Accommodation During a Self Build or Home Renovation Project

Why a Static Caravan is the Perfect Family Accommodation During a Self Build or Home Renovation Project

If you’re planning a self-build or home renovation project, you’ll need to find somewhere for your family to live during the construction process. One option that is often overlooked is buying a static caravan as self-build accommodation. Here are just a few reasons why a used static caravan could be the perfect choice for your family.

Convenience: One of the biggest advantages of choosing a used static caravan for sale off site over other types of accommodation is convenience. When you buy a static caravan, it will be delivered to your desired location and set up for you close to the home renovation project. This means that there’s no travel to the site morning (saving costs, time, and trouble). Also, the static caravan accommodation for a self-build project already has all the home comforts and amenities included e.g., bathroom, bedrooms, water, gas, and electric (once commissioned), a kitchen, a comfortable living and dining room, and in many cases central heating and double glazing.

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Cost-Effectiveness: Another big advantage of choosing static caravan temporary accommodation during a self-build or home renovation project for you and your family is that it will be much more cost-effective than other options. Hotels, B&Bs, and holiday rental situations can be quite expensive, especially if you need to stay for an extended period. A static caravan, on the other hand, can be much more affordable because it can be purchased outright for a reasonable price, perhaps on a buy-back agreement, and sold again when it is no longer needed.

Flexibility: Buying a static caravan for a self-build project also offers much more flexibility than other types of temporary accommodation. For example, if your self-build or home renovation project takes longer than expected (as it does more often than not), you own the use static caravan anyway so you’re not incurring additional accommodation costs. Alternatively, if you finish early, you can move out at any time without having to worry about breaking your contract. Once the self-build static caravan has been vacated as temporary caravan living accommodation you then have time to choose exactly what you would like to do with it e.g., sell it and have it removed, or keep it longer, or permanently.

Short lead times: Buying a used static caravan as accommodation during home renovation and having it delivered is something that can happen fairly quickly if the seller offers a good selection to view and choose from in one visit (as Caravantastic does) and if delivery schedules are favorable. This means that what may seem like a challenge on the surface is something that can be arranged very easily. We have a great deal of experience in selling (and buying back in many cases) used static caravans for self-build projects. Our staff always try to ensure that the customer gets the best possible used static caravan for their needs within their budget.

static caravan temporary accommodation during self build

Used static caravans for self build accommodation – available now

If you’re planning a self-build or home renovation project, buying a used static caravan is a great option for accommodating your family. Static caravans are convenient, cost-effective, and flexible, making them the perfect solution for your temporary accommodation needs.

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