Buying Vs Renting A Static Caravan For Accommodation During A Self Build

Buying Vs Renting A Static Caravan For Accommodation During A Self Build

For many people undertaking a self-build or major home renovation project during which you have to move the family out, the thought of having easy access to static caravan self build accommodation can often be overlooked. In this blog post we will explore the pros and cons of renting or buying a static caravan as a way of providing comfortable accommodation while you’re completing your project. Please note, whilst we sell rather than rent new and used static caravans out, we do offer a static caravan buy back scheme that our customers really appreciate. It makes buying a used static caravan as accommodation during a self build stack up very well against renting, and we take the static caravan away for you when it’s no longer required rather than you having to organise sale and transport yourself.

Used Static Caravan For Sale Off Site

Buying vs Renting Used Static Caravans

One of the main decisions people need to make when it comes to looking for suitable static caravans for sale off site is whether they really want to rent or buy one. Buying a caravan may seem like an expensive option up front, but it could save you money and could mean that you and your family are much more comfortable during the renovation project. This is because self build and home renovation projects rarely seem to be completed on time due to many unforseen factors. This means that those who have chosen to rent static caravan accommodation for a self build end up paying rent for much longer than they thought, eating into the project’s budget – they may have been able to buy a caravan anyway in that time. Also, at the end of the self build project, you can sell your used static caravan for a good return on investment. This can’t be done if you rent.

Looking to buy a used static caravan for self build project accommodation?

When it comes to renting a static caravan it may sound like there are some definite benefits. For starters, rental agreements may be relatively flexible (they would certainly need to be with a self build)- meaning that you could hopefully rent for longer than you agreed and then move on when your project is complete. This also means that if something changes during the course of your build (which is likely) and you need more (or less) space than originally planned, you could hopefully change the terms of your agreement with little hassle.

Static Caravan For Sale

Size Matters With Used Static Caravans

Another important factor to consider when looking at buying a static caravan for self build accommodation is size. If space is at a premium on your self-build site then there may not be room for a particularly large caravan – but there are used static caravans for sale in many different sizes! Also, be sure to check out what other amenities are available near where your static caravan will be located – such as shops and restaurants that could provide food and other essentials during the course of your build.

Costs & Insurance

Finally, it’s important to remember that both renting and buying come with additional costs – such as insurance charges and fuel bills. Be sure to factor these into any budgeting calculations before making any commitments either way! Additionally, if you decide to buy rather than rent then make sure that all necessary paperwork is taken care of before making any payments as this will help protect both yourself and the seller in case anything goes wrong after purchase has been completed. We are always very clear about any terms and agreements and we want all of our customers to be delighted with their used static caravan for self build accommodation.

Buying Used Static Caravans

In conclusion, there are many things that need to be considered when deciding whether to rent or buy a static caravan makes sense for self-build projects. From size restrictions through to insurance considerations – each element must be carefully weighed up before making any decisions either way. Ultimately though, if done correctly then having access to comfortable accommodation while undergoing construction work can make all the difference between success and failure! With these points in mind we hope that this blog post has helped shed some light on making this decision so that potential buyers can have peace of mind knowing they have made an informed choice about their housing needs during their upcoming self-build project!

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