Why Buy A Used Rather Than A New Static Caravan?

Why Buy A Used Rather Than A New Static Caravan?

For many people, the idea of buying a static caravan is exciting but can lead to many questions about which make/model is best. When it comes to actually making the purchase, there is often another important decision – should you buy a used or new static caravan? We have a wide selection of new and used static caravans for sale off site at our show grounds in Somerset and Devon and here we will look at why you might want to consider buying a used static caravan instead of going for a new one.

Cost Savings

The most obvious reason for purchasing a used static caravan over a new one is that the purchase price is generally lower. You can save thousands of pounds by buying a second-hand model, depending on your budget and what type of caravan you are looking for.

used static caravan for sale off site

Choice And Availability

When it comes to selecting the right caravan for your needs, we have a very large number of used static caravans for sale off site already in stock. This means that you can compare and choose one, purchase it and have it delivered quickly rather than having to look at brochures, shop around, and wait for the manufacturers’ lead times for some makes/models. If, for example, you need a static caravan accommodation for a self build project, time is of the essence and so buying used rather than new can be a good option, and it may use less of the valuable project budget.

Similar Features

Used static caravans have many of the same features as new static caravans such as double glazing and central heating, and they are tidy and in good condition. This means that you’ll be no less comfortable in a secondhand static caravan.

Re-sale Value

Even though it’s a secondhand static caravan, provided it’s relatively recent, it will still have a re-sale value if/when you no longer need it, or you may even wish to purchase it on a ‘buy back’. This means that buying a used static caravan is still an investment.

Park Rules

If you’re looking for static caravan to site on a park, the park may stipulate that you need to buy a static caravan of a certain age e.g. 10 years old or less (check with the individual park). We have many used static caravans for sale off site that are within that age so you can still choose a used one to go on the pitch.

used static caravan for sale


Whether it’s a new or used static caravan, it makes no difference to the delivery. Both are delivered in the same way – on the back of a specialist caravan delivery lorry, and our drivers take the same care in ensuring that your used static caravan is delivered as agreed, in good condition right to the agreed spot so that you can start using it as soon as you need to.

Used Static Caravans For Sale Off Site

All in all, there are many benefits to opting for a used static caravan over a brand-new one, depending on the situation. Not only do you save money up front but also enjoy plenty of choice and immediate availability when it comes time to choose just the right model for your needs.

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