Caravantastic’s Exceptional Services: Emergency Temporary Accommodation and Buy-Back Option

Caravantastic’s Exceptional Services: Emergency Temporary Accommodation and Buy-Back Option

At Caravantastic, we take pride in being more than just a supplier of new and used static caravans. Our commitment to providing versatile and practical solutions extends to emergency situations and temporary accommodation needs. In this enlightening ‘Did You Know?’ style blog post, we’ll unveil the lesser-known aspects of our services: supplying emergency temporary static caravan accommodation and offering a Buy-Back option for those seeking flexible solutions during home renovations or self-build projects.

Emergency Temporary Accommodation in Crisis Situations

In the aftermath of unforeseen events like flooding or fire, the last thing anyone needs is to worry about accommodation. That’s why Caravantastic steps up with a swift and practical solution – emergency temporary static caravan accommodation. We understand the distress such situations can cause, and our team is poised to provide a seamless transition to a comfortable living space, ensuring minimal disruption to your life or business.

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Fast and Efficient Deployment

Our efficient response system means that with minimal notice, we can supply a static caravan to be used as temporary accommodation or office on your property. Our in-house experienced engineers conduct an initial site survey to assess the installation requirements. From there, our skilled team handles the entire process – from delivery to siting and safety testing. 

Peace of Mind and Local Support

Choosing Caravantastic for emergency temporary static caravan accommodation guarantees not just a place to stay, but also peace of mind. Our presence in Somerset ensures prompt and reliable support throughout your experience. This local touch means you’re not just a customer; you’re a neighbor we’re dedicated to assisting during challenging times.

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Financial Support from Insurance

A valuable aspect to consider is that your insurance company or loss adjuster often covers the cost of hiring emergency temporary accommodation. It’s a testament to the practicality and relevance of this service in such situations. As you focus on managing the aftermath, Caravantastic takes care of your accommodation needs.

Buy Back – A Flexible Solution for Self-Build and Renovations

Building or renovating a property is an exciting journey, but it often demands temporary accommodation solutions. Caravantastic understands this need for flexibility and convenience. Our Buy-Back option is designed precisely for these scenarios, offering you the opportunity to acquire a static caravan for temporary use during your home renovation or self build project.

Benefit from Guaranteed Buy Back

Opting for our Buy-Back option opens a door to practicality and financial prudence. Purchase a static caravan for your self-build or renovation needs, and when you’re done, we offer a guaranteed buy-back option within 6 to 12 months of your initial purchase. This ensures that you don’t just have a comfortable temporary accommodation solution; you also have a pathway to recover a significant portion of your investment.

Visiting Caravantastic Showgrounds – A Step Towards Quality

When it comes to selecting the right static caravan, visiting our showgrounds becomes an invaluable step. The experience of seeing different makes, models, and sizes up close, coupled with expert guidance, allows you to make an informed choice that perfectly suits your needs. With Caravantastic, you can expect quality, variety, and service excellence.

New and Used Static Caravans For Sale Off Site

Caravantastic’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions is evident in our emergency temporary static caravan accommodation and the practical Buy-Back option. Whether it’s offering a comforting space during crisis situations or providing a cost-effective solution for accommodation during self-build and renovations, our services are tailored to make life easier for you. With Caravantastic, you’re not just buying a static caravan; you’re gaining access to a range of practical solutions that add value and convenience to your journey.

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