Videos Charting The Journey of a South Wales Family at Caravantastic

Videos Charting The Journey of a South Wales Family at Caravantastic

In the heart of renovation and self-build projects lies the challenge of finding comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective accommodation. A South Wales family, embarking on an ambitious project to breathe new life into an old railway station (see the The Old Station Renovation), discovered the perfect solution at Caravantastic in Exeter. Their journey, captured in the engaging video, “Which Caravan Should We Pick For Our Renovation?” offers a firsthand look at the practicalities and pleasures of selecting a used off-site static caravan for their family’s temporary home. 

The Search Begins with Clarity

Understanding their needs, the family arrived at Caravantastic with three key requirements: a 3-bedroom layout to accommodate their two teenagers, a heating system to ward off the chilly Welsh weather, and a budget cap of £10,000. Prepared and purposeful, their visit to our expansive showground in Exeter was not just a shopping trip but a pivotal step towards making their renovation dream a reality. Here at Caravantastic we’re very experienced pairing self-builders and home renovators with their ideal static caravan accommodation. We invite anyone looking for temporary on-site accommodation during a self build or home renovation project to visit our Caravantastic Exeter off site static caravan showground where you’ll be made to feel very welcome.

A World of Choice

Caravantastic’s Exeter showground, known for its vast selection of used off-site static caravans for sale, did not disappoint. As you’ll see in the video, the family explored a wide array of options, focusing on five particular models that caught their eye. Each caravan they considered — from the cozy, well-appointed 36×12 ft models to the spacious and modern Atlas Dynasty — offered unique features and fittings, demonstrating the variety and quality available to meet different preferences and needs.

A Perfect Match

After a thorough two-hour exploration, the family chose the 37×12 ft, 3-bedroom Atlas Dynasty, praising its maintenance, clean condition, and homely layout. Despite being slightly over budget, the value of the caravan, coupled with Caravantastic’s promise of free delivery to South Wales, sealed the deal. This choice underscored the importance of flexibility and the willingness to stretch budget boundaries a little for the right fit.

Caravantastic Exeter

x2 Videos Showing The Caravan Being Delivered

The lovely people at the Old Station Renovation have also produced 2 more fantastic videos (shown below) that help illustrate the challenges of a vital part of our service, the successful delivery of a static caravan.

In the first video you’ll see that although they made a great job of clearing the driveway and having any stray branches cut back prior to delivery, the delivery driver still had to reverse the lorry with caravan on the back all the down. Next, you’ll see how the caravan had to be manoeuvred carefully past the Old Station building and then unloaded and positioned, in the chosen spot between the two platforms. In the second video you can see the unloaded static caravan being put into place with the help of a 4×4, teamwork, and lots of experience!

We’re very proud of our delivery drivers, their skill, and the care they take in making sure your static caravan is delivered undamaged, exactly where you need it. Hopefully, the video illustrates this and it’s given us a great deal of satisfaction here at Caravantastic to see the positive comments about our service posted below the videos (read the comments for yourself).

Advantages of Choosing a Used Off-Site Static Caravan

The couple’s experience highlights several key benefits of opting for a used off-site static caravan as accommodation during renovation projects:

  • Proximity to the Project Site: Placing a static caravan near the renovation site offers unparalleled convenience, allowing families to stay close to the work without compromising on comfort.
  • Home Comforts and Space: With all the amenities of home, including heating, spacious living areas, and multiple bedrooms, a static caravan ensures a warm and comfortable living space for the entire family, including pets.
  • Flexible Accommodation: The availability of both 2 and 3 bedroom models caters to various family sizes and needs, making it an adaptable option for many.
  • Buy Back Option: The option to sell the caravan back to Caravantastic at the end of the project not only simplifies the process of removal but also provides a return on the investment.

See our current range of new and used static caravans for sale here.

Caravantastic: Your Partner in Renovation and Self-Build Projects

At Caravantastic, we understand the challenges of home renovation and self-build projects. That’s why we’re committed to offering not just a product, but a partnership. Our extensive selection of used off-site static caravans, combined with expert advice, free nationwide delivery, and a buyback option, ensures that you’ll find the perfect temporary home for your project. Whether you’re overhauling an old railway station or building your dream home from the ground up, we invite you to visit our showground in Exeter. Discover for yourself how our wide range of new and used off site static caravans can meet your needs and budget, just as we did for the family from South Wales featured in this video.

All at Caravantastic wish them well with the Old Station Renovation and we thank them for trusting Caravantastic to supply a static caravan to become their comfortable temporary home for the next few months. 

Embark on your own renovation adventure with Caravantastic — where your dream project gets the perfect start.

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