Why Off-Site Static Caravans are the Ultimate Solution for Temporary Accommodation Needs

Why Off-Site Static Caravans are the Ultimate Solution for Temporary Accommodation Needs

At Caravantastic, we pride ourselves on being a leading dealer of new and used off-site static caravans for sale. With well-stocked showgrounds in Somerset, Devon, and West Sussex, we provide a wide range of options to meet your temporary accommodation needs. Whether you’re looking to buy an off-site static caravan for a self-build project, worker accommodation, or emergency housing, we have the perfect solution for you.

Ideal for Self-Build Projects and Home Renovations

One of the primary reasons people turn to static caravans for sale off-site is the convenience they offer during self-build projects and home renovations. Living on-site allows you to closely supervise your project, reducing commuting time and making it easier to manage the build. A used static caravan provides a comfortable and practical living space that can be set up quickly and easily, ensuring that you and your family have a safe and cozy place to stay throughout the duration of the project.

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Comfort and Convenience

Our new and used off-site static caravans come with a range of home comforts that make them ideal for temporary accommodation. Many models feature double glazing and central heating, ensuring a warm and quiet environment even during colder months. Other heating options, such as blown air electric or electric heating systems, are also available. Inside, you’ll find well-equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms with showers or baths, and spacious bedrooms with ample storage. These features make static caravans a comfortable and practical choice for temporary living.


Buying an off-site static caravan can be a cost-effective solution compared to renting temporary accommodation. This is especially true when you consider our buy-back option. Caravantastic offers a guaranteed buy-back on all caravans sold for a net sale price greater than £6,000, which can be taken at any time between 6 and 12 months after the initial purchase. This option provides an excellent exit strategy, reducing sunk costs and making the investment more appealing.

Accommodation for Workers

Static caravans are also an excellent solution for accommodating workers. Whether you need housing for agricultural workers, construction workers, or other temporary employees, a static caravan offers a convenient and comfortable living space. By setting up living quarters on-site, you can reduce travel time, increase productivity, and ensure that your workers are well-rested and ready for the job.

Versatile Solutions

Our static caravans for sale off-site come in various sizes, layouts, and designs to suit different needs. From compact two-bedroom models to spacious three-bedroom options, we have something for everyone. Many of our caravans also feature modern interior design themes, creating a pleasant and homely atmosphere. This versatility makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from worker accommodation to emergency housing.

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Temporary Housing for Family and Friends

Static caravans are also a great option for providing temporary housing for family members or friends. Whether you need a place for guests to stay during a visit or a temporary home for a family member, a static caravan offers privacy and comfort. By setting up a static caravan on your private land, you can ensure that your guests have a pleasant and convenient place to stay.

Emergency Accommodation

In cases of flooding, fire, or other disasters, static caravans can provide immediate housing relief. At Caravantastic, we can quickly supply and set up static caravans to ensure that those affected have a safe and comfortable place to stay. Our experienced team will carry out an initial site survey, delivery, siting, and safety testing of the caravans, including connections to gas and water (subject to access to services). This comprehensive service ensures peace of mind during challenging times.

We Deliver – Nationwide

One of the key advantages of buying an off-site static caravan from Caravantastic is the ease of delivery. We offer nationwide delivery and free delivery within 150 miles of our showgrounds for caravans priced at £6,000 and above. Our expert delivery team ensures a smooth and hassle-free process, allowing you to start using your static caravan as quickly as possible.

Why Visit Caravantastic Showgrounds?

We encourage potential buyers to visit our showgrounds in Somerset, Devon, and West Sussex to explore the wide selection of static caravans available. Seeing, feeling, and experiencing the caravans in person allows you to make an informed decision and find the perfect solution for your temporary accommodation needs. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to provide expert advice and answer any questions you may have.

Visit Caravantastic

Off-site static caravans are the ultimate solution for temporary accommodation needs, offering versatility, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re managing a self-build project, providing worker accommodation, seeking emergency housing, or for another reason, static caravans provide a practical and comfortable living space. At Caravantastic, we have a huge stock of new and used off-site static caravans for sale at our showgrounds in Somerset, Devon, and West Sussex. Visit us today to find the perfect static caravan for your needs.

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