We supply off site static caravans for on-site accommodation at stables, stud farms and equestrian centres around the UK for stable for grooms, stable lads / lasses and other on-site staff.

Like some agricultural work, equestrian businesses often require numbers of staff to be housed in accommodation that is nearby in order to work the long hours (with early starts) and to be on hand to provide the level of care needed to look after horses in stables, stud farms, and other equestrian centres.

Static caravan accommodation equestrian stables stud farms

Static Caravan Accommodation, Ideal For Equestrian Workers

Static caravan accommodation for equestrian workers is so popular because static caravans offer:

– Multiple occupancy. Static caravans have 2 or 3 bedrooms and have enough practical room and facilities for multiple workers to live comfortably.

– All the comforts of home. Equestrian workers housed in static caravans have spacious, comfortable living rooms, modern kitchens, and a bathroom with a shower (some large caravans have baths). Also, some static caravans also have an additional separate toilet. Many static caravans have central heating or electric heating, and double glazing. Most have a gas fire and portable electric heaters can be easily added.

– Transportability and modular convenience. In other words, static caravans are fully self-contained, modular accommodation units that can easily be transported nationwide and delivered direct to the pitch where they are required at the stable, stud farm, or equestrian centre. More units can be added as required and older units can easily be removed and replaced. For example, we sell new and used static caravans as accommodation for equestrian businesses across Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, South Wales, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, and nationwide.

– A fast, affordable accommodation solution that doesn’t require planning (see ). Also, once purchased, static caravans have a re-sale value and can be sold privately. They may also be purchased back by the seller e.g., Caravantastic if they still in good condition and are of the make/model/size required at the time. For those needing a static caravan for a shorter period of time e.g., 6 months or from 6 months to as year, Caravantastic also offers Buy Back deals.

– Ease of cleaning and heating. Static caravans are a relatively small space and are insulated. This means that, not only are they easy to keep clean, but they are fast and easy to heat. Both of these qualities are of value to equestrian workers, many of whom may arrive back with dirty boots and clothes, and who work all year round and have early starts on cold mornings.

caravans for equestrian workers

Caravans For Stables, On-Site Accommodation For Equestrian Businesses

Used static caravans for sale off site make ideal on-site accommodation for workers but can also be used as e.g., a site office, a refreshment facility or room for lunch breaks and meetings and more.