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Static Caravans for Self Builders, On-Site Temporary Accommodation for Home Renovation

Caravantastic supplies caravans for use as on-site temporary accommodation during self builds, home renovation and other home building projects where it is not possible to live in the house while the building work is going on. Living on-site during your self build project / whilst building or renovating your house has great advantages such as reduced accommodation costs, providing your own on site security, saving on traveling time, taking deliveries out of normal hours and being able to keep a close eye on progress. Self build / home renovation temporary accommodation static caravans make sense practically and economically.

Static caravan self build home renovation

Used Static Caravans as Temporary On Site Accommodation for Self Build Projects and Home Renovation

We can help you choose the right used static caravan for your requirements, making absolutely sure that your temporary living experience is as comfortable as possible during your self build / building project / home renovation work.

Static Caravan Hire for Self Build?

We have many enquiries about static caravan hire for self build. Many customers who initially want to hire one soon realise that the costs end up being equivalent to or more than purchasing one, particularly if, as so often happens, projects run on longer than planned for.  Whilst we sell but do not hire static caravans for self build/home renovation projects, our ‘Buy Back’ means that customers can afford, within their project budget, to house themselves and their family in a very comfortable caravan for the duration of their project, and can sell it back to us afterwards. This can save money, reduce sunk costs, and work out to be a very satisfactory solution that they may not at first have considered.

Static caravan hire for self build or home renovation works best when:

  • The project duration is very short e.g., one to three months.
  • The right caravan for your needs just happens to be available at that time from the limited number of companies who hire static caravans.
  • The project runs exactly to plan and there are no few or no unforseen circumstances, disruptive adverse weather conditions, limitations on how much time you can spend on your building project (and work), or other interruptions to the critical path of the project.

In our experience, from what we are regularly told by customers, building projects rarely run exactly to plan, particularly where time-frames are concerned.  This could mean that you end up paying caravan hire/rental charges for longer than you had anticipated, possibly to the point where you may decide that it would have been much better to have bought a static caravan on a Buy Back deal anyway

Wide Range of Self Build Static Caravans In Stock Now!

We always have a wide range of sizes, ages and models to suit all budgets and requirements available to view on our showground in Somerset.

Prices for caravans can start at £1995 and sizes range from 26ft to 40ft long by either 10ft or 12ft wide.

FREE DELIVERY With 150 Miles + Buy Back!!

We offer FREE DELIVERY within 150 miles of our showground on all caravans over £6,000.

We also offer a Guaranteed Buy Back scheme whereby we guarantee to buy back your temporary accommodation within a 6 to 12 month period following initial purchase. This offers you a great exit strategy for the sale and removal of the accommodation once you no longer require it. Further details can be found on the Buy Back page of this website through the following link – Buy Back Option

You can view our current, up-to-date caravan stock by clicking on the button below:

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For more information call us now or contact us online here, or come and visit our showground in Highbridge, Somerset or Exeter, Devon where we have 50+ used and some new static caravans for sale now.

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