Whether from parks or private ownership, used static caravans have many different uses, meeting needs such as accommodation during a building project, somewhere for agricultural workers to live, or even to act as a temporary space for a relative to live on your land.

Great as Temporary Accommodation

Static caravans are temporary buildings in the sense that they have wheels to manoeuvre them into position, retractable legs in each corner, and they are transported to and from their pitches on the back of a lorry. They also contain all the comforts, conveniences, and the important rooms of modern homes. For example, static caravans have well equipped kitchens, a double bedroom and different numbers of twin bedrooms, bathrooms (mostly with showers although some bigger statics have baths!), comfortable living rooms and dining areas.

Static caravans can be nice warm in the winter thanks to insulation, double glazing, and central heating / electric heating / blown air heating.

The fact that they are relatively easy to move and set up, and the fact that they are built mainly with family / multiple occupation in mind makes them ideal temporary accommodation.

Does It Matter If They Are Used Static Caravans?

Static caravans are built to last, to withstand being moved, and be well-used by multiple occupants. Areas such as the kitchen and bathroom have sinks, showers, appliances and more, just like a normal house. More modern statics have tiled roofs and household-style guttering.  Being built mostly in Yorkshire, and designed with UK use in mind, static caravans are built to specifically withstand the British weather on the outside, and to house the occupants in as much comfort as possible on the inside.  Many pre-owned statics are also likely to have been used in a similar way to holiday homes – infrequently, kept tidy, and maintained in a way that is in keeping with park rules an insurance specification.  Also, as most of them have been owned and used by individuals and their families, they have been especially well looked after.

Even though a static caravan is for sale as a used static caravan, some can be just a few years old (a bit like buying a good condition used car with low mileage) and can, therefore, be extremely good value as well as being in good condition, and having some very up to date features.

So Many Different Uses

Used static caravans have so many different uses.  Although using them as on-site accommodation during a building project/self-build project is a popular reason for purchasing one, a used static caravan is a practical asset that has a huge number of potential applications.

Does It Matter Which Make/Model?

Willerby, AbI, Cosalt, and Atlas are among the many top makes of static caravan. These companies have been specialist static caravan manufacturers for many years, and the quality is one of the main reasons why they remain so popular.

The different manufacturers have produced many different models.  As a potential buyer this is good news for you, as while choosing as used static caravan, you can compare the many different themes, features and layouts to ensure that you pick one that suits your needs and tastes.

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